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VeneersCost effective route to a stunning smile.

A dental veneer is a thin layer of hard wearing material designed to restore damaged or stained teeth. They are a cost effective route to a stunning smile. Due to the thickness of many veneers, your dentist will probably need to grind your existing teeth down before fitting the veneers.

What type of veneers are available?

They are usually made of porcelain. Composite resin veneers can be built up directly onto the tooth, while porcelain veneers are made in the laboratory and are later glued (bonded) on to the tooth.

What are the advantages of veneers?

Veneers make teeth look natural and healthy, and because they are very thin and are held in place by a special strong bond (rather like super-glue) very little preparation of the tooth is needed.

When would I need a veneer?

Veneers can improve the colour, shape and position of teeth. A veneer can make a chipped tooth look intact again. Veneers can also be used to close small gaps, If one tooth is slightly out of position, a veneer can sometimes be fitted to bring it into line with the others.