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Smile in a Day

What is Smile in a Day?rotate2

Smile in a day is an evidence based technique that provides you a comfortable,  permanent and hassle free option to replace your teeth without having to wait for months.

Using this technique, our highly specialist implant team can provide your implants in a very same day.

 With hundreds of successful  Smile in a day each year, we guarantee the success and a pleasant experience.

How does it work?

img_2533In this method, titanium rods are inserted in certain angles (bone grafting is not needed unlike traditional implants)

Then a set of temporary teeth will be fixed in place; which are made to reduce the healing time significantly, and in nearly three months the permanent set will be fitted.

The advantages of Smile in a Day

  • Smile makeover and confidence boost in a day!
  • All the procedure is done in only one day!
  • There is no pain or discomfort during the procedure.
  • Healing process is short.
  • The treatment cost in significantly lower than traditional implants.
  • You have the treatment done in the same day of the initial consultation.

Book a free consultation

Greendent has helped hundreds of patients get their smile back in just one day. We have UK clinic in west ealing in London. So if you would like to find out how you too can smile again with confidence within only a day, get in touch with one of our friendly Patient Advisors by calling ✆ 0208 299 0240 or by booking a free consultation.