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Dental Implants

Losing a tooth or a few could reduce self confidence due to the self image one would get; to the point that some avoid wide smiles or hide their mouth when laughing. Furthermore, it makes the face look older due to the empty space of the losing tooth. Also, it can affect chewing and speech.

On the other hand, using dentures can be inconvenient as they move in mouth and need maintenance. However, dental implants are the best alternative which will ultimately improve your smile, speech and chewing without having to worry about the maintenance or replacing the dentures.

Why  Dental Implants?

  • Avoid shrinkage of the jawbone and “sunken face” look.
  • They are immovable and comfortable and natural looking
  • Normally last for life.
  • Improves smile, chewing and self confidence.

What is a Dental Implant?

  • unnamedA titanium screw replacing the tooth root in jawbone which holds an artificial tooth or bridge
  • Such screw make the jawbone stable and prevents its shrinkage and keeps its shape and density.
  • There are different types of implants; such as single, multiple and full arch.



The Procedure

  • Firstly, an X-ray is required to establish the jaw bone strength in order to hold the implant.
  • Next is having a mouth model which are soft plastic materials that provides the location of the gaps and  measurements for the artificial tooth or the bridge.
  • Then we start designing the implant for the best result.
  • Afterwards, surgical procedure begins, using local anesthetic and sedative( so you won't feel any pain during the surgery), and channels are made in the jawbone, and implants placed into the bone.
  • Then a device called"abuts" is attached to the implant which fixes the implant to an artificial tooth called crown.
  • You can choose to have implants for all your teeth, in which case you will  need at least 6  in your upper jaw and 4-6 in lower one; it is possible that all be done in the same procedure.

Single Implants


Dental implant for a single missing tooth!

Denture Supported Implants


Dentures  fixed with implants .

All on 6 Treatments


fully fixed set of teeth in a day!

Multiple Implants


 Implant supported bridge for multiple tooth loss.

Implant supported bridge for multiple tooth loss.

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