Dental Hygiene

HygieneOur friendly hygienist will show you how to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy, saving you pain and expense.

Prevention is always better than cure when it comes your oral health. Regular brushing and flossing removes harmful plaque bacteria which would otherwise lead to tooth cavities and gum disease.

What does a hygiene appointment involve?

All the plaque and surface stains will be removed by gentle scraping and polishing, leaving your teeth feeling clean and your mouth refreshed.

They aim to re-educate patients with regards to the use of toothbrushes, electronic aids, dental floss and inter-dental brushes.

Diamond polish £95

This type of clean is becoming more and more popular with a high number

of clients who regularly drink coffee, tea, red wine. It's a winner for getting rid of those cheeky stains.

This is teamed with a deep scale and polish.

The Diamond paste is unique in that the fine diamond particles create a high gloss to the teeth.


The biannual £50

As a whole, dentists regularly advise a 6 monthly gum health check . This involves a  thorough scale and polish and oral hygiene advise.

Helps  you to keep up the good work you do at home and to tweek anything you may need to improve on.


Smile on the go £45

If you have a pretty hectic schedule we can supply a 15 minute clean.

Perfect for those who are going to an interview and want to feel more confident with cleaner looking teeth.


Smilemake over £150

This is a must have  for those that have smoke/nicotine stains or staining in general.

The 45 minute treatment combines the Diamond Polish 95 with our airflow system.

The airflow system generates a very fine powder jet to gently but powerfully remove the staining on your teeth.

So what you have is the scale and polish, the airflow and diamond white polish after. Cant get better than that:-)


Free whitening consultation.

Most of the time we are happy with the shape of our teeth but don't like the colour. Long term stains from tea, coffee, red wine and cigarettes can get into the fabric of the enamel and prove difficult to remove with conventional teeth cleaning.

There are many options to discuss as which will be the best for you and how you will react to the treatment.

Whiter teeth will give you more confidence in your day to day life.

You may be going for that job interview and want to make a fabulous impression.

Whitening is a lovely treat for those special occasions where you want to look and feel your best. You may be getting married and want that sparkling smile for the great day and those wedding photos.


Home whitening £350

At your initial visit we will take an impression to make a customized “ tooth tray” This is designed to fit the contours of your teeth for wearing in comfort and the whitening gel to be applied evenly over the teeth surface.

On the second visit our dentists will make sure the tray fits perfectly with any adjustments needed and supply you with the whitening gel .

Instructions will be given as to how to use the whitening system which is straightforward and simple to use.


Britesmile©  including classic scale and polish £500

BriteSmile© is a chair side whitening system which is safe and gentle.

The whitening gel is carefully applied to your teeth and then activated by BriteSmile's patented gentle blue light for twenty minutes while you relax and listen to the music.

The process is repeated twice more before you go home with a naturally brilliant new smile and our goodie bag.


Britesmile© incl airflow £650

This package includes are classic scale and polish and airflow if you have stubborn surface stains to remove first.


Britesmile© including follow up tray whitening, airflow. £800

Our deluxe package is wonderful for a brighter smile for longer


Brace yourself

Its important to have the cleanest of teeth before your brace is fitted .


Foundation clean £70

This is a more extensive clean than the usual for children. Comfortable

ultrasonic cleaning and introduction to Oral Hygiene Instruction and accessories needed to keep teeth and gums healthy. So when the brace is fitted you don't have to worry as what to do after its fitted.

There's also a little pack of goodies to take home with you.


Mid brace clean £90

With all the best intentions in the world having a brace can prove quite tricky to clean. Traditional braces can trap food quite easily and thus cause gum problems and even decay.

Its important to keep your teeth and braces clean but you cant get to every nook and cranny . That's when it's best to have the mid-brace clean.


Hurray! They're off! £90

Once they are removed we will remove all plaque deposits stains and more. A well deserved treat .